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I saw this article on the local news website, Woman jailed, accused of failing to return video, and I couldn’t help but compare it to the situations of so many people we meet everyday.

I can’t help but wonder how many times this woman probably saw the movie sitting on her shelf and thought, “oh yeah, I need to take that back.”  But life got in the way, distractions come up and because she didn’t act on the thought to return the video when she saw it, 10 years latter she spends a night is jail and is in the hole $2000 and potentially more in legal fees.  Even though she knew that she needed to return the video she never really stopped to weigh the consequences of not returning it in time.  She may have had good intentions, or she may have been afraid/embarrassed to return something so late.  Either way, fear,  procrastination, or laziness on her part lead to a much more expensive situation that what would have come with a simple late fine.

So how does this relate to the thousands of people Legally Mine speaks to each month?  When it comes to asset protection, nearly everyone we meet understands that it is important  and something that they should take care of.  But too many people let fear, procrastination, or laziness halt them in their tracks.  So what do they do? Nothing! And for far to many of today’s business men and women, doing nothing is akin to playing Russian Roulette with their business and potential lawsuits.

The statistics are staggering and most business owners are going to face a lawsuit sometime in their career.  Taking the time to bite the bullet and get over your fear, procrastination, and laziness is a sound investment that will keep you from having to face the much higher cost of possibly loosing everything.

Don’t put if off any longer!  If you don’t know where to start or how to protect yourself, give us a call 800-375-2453 or send us an email at and let us help you take care of the problem – before it becomes one.

Your Work, Your Life, Your Money - Your Peace of Mind
Your Work, Your Life, Your Money – Your Peace of Mind
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