Because its Friday: Sexy and Free – Legally Mine

Dealing with lawsuits can be stressful, heck dealing with life alone can be stressful -adding lawsuits on top of that can only make things worse.

That is why we here at Legally Mine believe in the power of a good laugh every now and then.  Studies have shown that laughter is a great stress reducer (see the article on the Mayo clinic site “Stress relief from laughter? It’s no joke“).  So every now and and again on this blog, we will post something that has nothing to do with lawsuit prevention, tax reduction or Legally Mine’s services, under the title “Because its Friday and we all need a good laugh.”

We hope this series will help alleviate some of your short term life/lawsuit stress.  For a more long term solution to reducing your stress, give Legally Mine a call to see what we can do to help remove the threat of lawsuits from your life at 1-800-375-2453, or email us at

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!

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