Legally Mine helps to sponsor “Project Icarus”

So protecting medical professionals and business owners from lawsuits is not the only thing we do here at Legally Mine.

A few months ago, local high school senior Jonas Allred,  reached out to businesses in the community to help him fund his senior project of launching, recording and tracking the flight of a weather balloon.  Legally Mine was excited to participate and help in the educational experience of our local youth.  So with ours, and several other business’, support, Project Icarus was able to take off (quite literally), and the results were awesome!  Check out the video below, and don’t forget to slow down those crazy lives of yours, every now and then, and take some time to appreciate just how cool planet Earth really is.  (The first 30 seconds or so of flight has a lot of spin, but stick it out to the end, the view is incredible)

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