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This has been one of my most popular posts so far.  I thought I would re-post it to keep it near the top of my list.

At the end of the lecture we ask all of the attendees to rate their experience and to leave some comments.  The following is what they’re telling us:

“Very useful info because I’m creating my own business”
Carla C. – D.O.   Indianapolis IN

“Outstanding! I’ve been in Practice for 4 years and this is the info I’ve been looking for!”
Regina W. – M.D.   Pelvic Anatomy & Gynecologic Surgery Symposium

“Superb.  Very Informative”
Lubna I. – D.O.   Walnut CA

“Thank you for all of this valuable information.”
Carrie R. – D.M.D.   Needham MA

“Thank you for your time and for opening my eyes to asset protection”
Rehab T. – D.O.   Allentown PA

“Excellent Talk.  Was Great Meeting”
Mimi S. – M.S.N.  Upton MA

“Thank You”
Windy W. – D.D.S.  Bethel ME

“Alarming but true! Great presentation!”
Stephen Y. – M.D.   Castro Valley CA

“Excellent Presentation”
David N. – M.D.   Pelvic Anatomy & Gynecologic Surgery Symposium

 “Thank you for information that will help not only me, but my family after an untimely family death and new assets for my father!”
Anonymous – Louisiana Nurse Practitioners Conference

 “Excellent handle on a much needed topic!”
Mark L. – D.D.S.   Oakbrook Terrace IL

“(Wasn’t) sure what to expect – I’m glad I came and it was very enjoyable!”
Brooke H. – D.C.  Tampa FL

“Good coverage of important topic in time allotted.”
Tom N. – D.D.S.   Centerville MA

“A lot of information that I never considered.  Thank you.”
Maggie G. – M.S.A.  Chesterland OH

“Excellent, excellent lecture!”
Narda C. – D.D.S.   Aurora IL

“Fantastic presentation… great speaker and extremely informative and eye-opening.  Thank you for speaking to us!”
Jocelyn H. – O.D.   Round Rock TX

“Speaker was excellent, energetic and very convincing – Great Information!”
Jeanmarie B. – D.N.P.  Winchester VA

Kathleen  B. – M.S.N., D.C.N.P.   Upton MA

 “Amazing presentation and speaker.”
Palak P. – M.M.S., M.P.A.S.  Orlando FL

“Very Insightful.”
Troy H. –  D.O.  Carroll OH

“This was very informative and thought provoking.”
Michelle C. – D.V.M.  Middletown DE

“Enjoyed the asset protection section.”
Enrique I. – M.D.  Elkhart IN

“Love the class”
Sridevi B. – D.M.D.  Attleboro MA

“Excellent presentation.  Speaker very knowledgeable and informative”
Barbara H. – D.N.P.  Virginia Beach VA

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