Legally Mine Customer Review

It is always nice to get a pat on the back from clients for all your hard work.

This was  letter we got a few months ago from one of our clients that we initially met at a funeral directors meeting in New York last year.

“… I have had an exceptionally  positive experience with Legally Mine.   I also  attended a function whereby a presentation was made by a representative of Legally Mine extolling the benefits of using his company to access their intellectual property ( ie: Trusts, Wills, Estate Planning Tools, Asset Protection Programs, etc.)  in order to help protect myself from frivolous lawsuits and also keep up to date on the latest  and most legal ways to avoid paying unnecessary taxes.  Overall, I feel like I have received excellent service from them and have received an amazing value for the dollars I spent with them.

I have  been interested in asset protection programs for many  years, and have explored a number of companies that perform  those kinds of services.  Unfortunately, all of the companies I evaluated charged enormous fees to create these programs, and then very high yearly fees in order to maintain them.  In addition, they advised their clients to set up off shore accounts  to “hide” their assets  in places like the Cook Islands, or wherever.   Legally Mine, on the other hand did no such thing.  The whole program they created for me is U.S. held.

In addition, when I researched Legally Mine, I was very pleased to find out that the fees they charged to set up a personalized program was very reasonable.  On top of that, the yearly maintenance programs they offered was also fair and affordable as well, and not mandatory.  There was enough information available for the clients to manage the program themselves if so desired!

I  own multiple commercial properties as well as a number of limited liability companies, and needless to say, I have  a very complex estate.     Despite the complexity involved Legally Mine came through with a program that I am very pleased with.  I had my Banker, Insurance advisers, Tax Preparer, Real Estate Agent and Attorney all review the Legally Mine program.  The opinions I got back  from those sources was very positive, especially my real estate attorney.   He  was very skeptical about the whole program at first, but the more he learned about it, the more comfortable he became and ended up being supportive of me engaging their services.    On top of that,  after having reviewed the documents Legally Mine provided and  the services they rendered for the cost they were charging was literally blown away at how affordable the program is.

Legally Mine has always been available for questions I and my team had concerning their program and has always openly and honestly guided us through this lengthy process.

Overall, I feel that Legally Mine was professional in every way possible during the  whole process from initial set up to final completion. “

We here at Legally Mine truly appreciate the relationship we have with our clients.  We are always grateful for their confidence in us and their help with referrals and comments like these.  This is what gives us the motivation we need to continue to work hard and make your financial lives ever more secure and rewarding.


Matt – Legally Mine

Your Work, Your Life, Your Money - Your Peace of Mind
Your Work, Your Life, Your Money – Your Peace of Mind
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