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As we’ve already discussed (Physicians and Lawsuits, Part 1), if you are a physician, you are almost guaranteed to be named in a lawsuit   This is a summary of a report done by  It is a survey of 1400 physicians who had been sued at one point in their practice, regarding how the lawsuit affected them.

Below is a brief highlight of some of their reportings:

“Were you suprised to be sued?” – 74% said Yes
“How did it turn out?” – 40% said it was either settled or they lost at trial
“Was the lawsuit result fair?” – 38% said No
“Your experience of being sued”
– “Horrible; one of the worst experiences of my life” – 23%
– “Very bad; disruptive and humiliating” – 16%
– “Not as bad as I expected” – 3%

“Time you spent on defense preparation” – More than 40 hours – 28%
“Hours in court and trial-related meetings” – More than 40 hours – 30%
“Length of entire lawsuit process”
– “less than 1 year” – 22%
– “1-2 years” – 39%
– “3-5 years” – 28%
– “more than 5 years” – 11%
“Plaintiff’s Monetary Award”
– at least $500,000 – 27%
– at least $100,000 – 45%
“Would saying I’m Sorry have helped” – 93% said No
Long-term emotional and financial effects of the lawsuit” – 29% said they no longer trust patients and they treat them differently

If you want to learn more about what you can do to stop the threat of lawsuits in your career, contact us today.  We will teach you about the steps you can take as a physician, to end the threat of lawsuits in your lives.

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