Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Legally Mine been in business?

Legally Mine was founded over 40 years ago by the same attorney who developed the field of asset protection. Legally Mine has been the leading provider of asset protection education within the medical and dental world for over 20 years.

How do I know the information provided is accurate?

Legally Mine has attorneys and financial experts on staff who help thousands of customers meet their asset protection and tax reduction needs.

How many people has Legally Mine presented this information to?

Legally Mine’s highly trained staff has helped educate hundreds of thousands of individuals from all walks of life on asset protection.

Can I get Continuing Education (CE) credits for the Legally Mine educational presentation?

Not only does Legally Mine provide Continuing Education (CE) credits for professions of all types, they even educate and qualify for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits for attorneys.

What does Legally Mine do?

Legally Mine helps professionals know how to protect assets and property (personal or professional) from being taken in a lawsuit–including implementing the new knowledge. Legally Mine is also able to implement tax-saving strategies that save people an average of $7,000* per year in taxes.

Where can Legally Mine operate?

Legally Mine can help customers in all 50 states, and continues to stay up to date on laws in all 50 states. We can help you wherever you live or do business (within the United States)

Why would I need Legally Mine?

Legally Mine knows that business owners are sued an average of five times during the life of their business. Medical and dental professionals are sued even more.

How can I make sure my accountant/CPA and/or other financial advisors/attorney know how to properly work with Legally Mine’s plan?

Legally Mine provides free consultations to customer’s accountants, CPAs, attorneys, and other financial advisors. We know that the more involved all of your advisors are in the asset protection and tax reduction process, the better they will be able to help you once it is all in place.

Where is Legally Mine headquartered?

Legally Mine is based out of Orem, Utah, and is invited to present at over 250 events across the US per year.

Why would I choose Legally Mine vs. another company or firm for my asset protection needs?

Legally Mine is the most cost effective asset protection company/firm in the US. While other firms may sell “self help kits” or cost tens of thousands of dollars (just to get started), Legally Mine keeps their options flexible and achievable on any budget.

Why does Legally Mine do what it does?

It is the mission and goal of Legally Mine to eliminate the fear of lawsuits, frivolous or otherwise, for every medical and dental practitioner (and business owner) in the US.

Learn how to protect your business assets. Setup a free consultation with our team.

Learn how to protect your business assets. Setup a free consultation with our team.

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